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Updated April 3rd, 2023 

    These monsters are not found in any tome. Click on the pictures for larger images.

Kor Domindoth
Cursed by some powerful force, these former elves roam the realm (half in the Fey). Powerful clerics and magic-users can call upon these wayward souls to accomplish a task. It is suspected that the Kor Domindoth cannot be hurt by ordinary weapons nor weak magical weapons and spells. They are formidable foes that fortunately are not found in large numbers.

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Lizard Man, Black Scale 
Lizard Men usually stand around 6' tall. This version can reach 3' higher. They are stronger and coated with thick scales. They command troops, form elite squads of fighters, and show a higher intelligence than normal lizard men. Their weapons of choice are usually up close and personal, but if the situation calls for other measures, they will adapt.

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Thought to have spawned from the Abyss, it is believed to reside in the Shadowfell. This lord of nothing feeds on emptiness and dispair. It is the subject of creepy childrens' rhymes. Nihil uses its shadow servants to affect those who reside on the material world, so the myth goes.

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They are born with the gift of visions: clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, ... These senses can bridge space, time, and planes. Seers are able to sense approaching armies, find lost treasures, learn the histories of past events. Consequently, seers are coveted possessions that are closely guarded. As seers use their powers, their bodies become heavily drained. This makes them mostly immobile but vigilant watchers.

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Prophecy implies there will exist beings who will not die. It has been assumed these beings will fight the evil in the realm. The reason for this is simple. Since the undead are connected to the Negative Material Plane, the undying will be connected to the Positive Material Plane and be creatures of goodness. Some people who reflect on the undying see no relationship between positive and good, which has them believe a new terror is waiting to be unleashed upon the realm. Regardless one's view on the undying, the prophecy says they will be marked with a unique triangular pattern (seen in the photo).

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These are steeds that are only bred and trained in Vilmer. While healthy and trained horses can travel an average of 4 mi/hr for 8 hours everyday, the Vildoon can travel 1.5 to 2 times that speed without consequence. The Vildoon do require special foods and care, which are well-kept secrets the Vilmerin refuse to share. Vilmerin archers use these steeds in battle.

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Warg, "Large" 
Found in the Hobgoblin Lands, these wargs are especially vicious. There larger stature than regular wargs makes them extremely dangerous beasts. They are used by skilled riders because of their extremely violent, chaotic nature. Those riders have been hobgoblins, rarely straying far from Hob'gorath

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