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Existing Math Lessons
Students go here for current online math lessons.
198 202 21-Dec-20 08:44 Admin
Extra Credit
This is the place students go to get special extra credit assignments.
55 66 19-Dec-11 13:30 Admin
  Student Dialogue 
Math Talk
This forum is dedicated to a cooperative student exchange of math information.
1 2 18-Jun-19 07:00 Admin
  Algebra Help 
Discover the properties of non-trigonometric functions, like inverses, domain, range, evaluation, ...
14 23 06-May-22 13:05 Admin
Order of Operations
Basic computations are handled in this forum.
6 9 09-Aug-17 09:44 Admin
Solving Equations and Inequalities
Solving equations and inequalities is the topic here.
26 64 31-Mar-22 21:33 Admin
Learn about various properties, like zeros, factors, expressions, and graphs.
10 19 06-Sep-22 18:59 Admin
  Geometry Help 
Questions and comments related to proofs are handled here.
10 12 23-Feb-19 12:51 Admin
Shapes and Structures
This forum handles questions related to physical shapes and structures, like area, perimeter, volume, ...
16 41 12-Oct-20 11:52 Admin
  Counting and Probability 
Learn how to calculate the probabilities of various events.
7 10 16-Jun-21 18:59 Admin
This section addresses counting techniques where the fundamental counting principle, factorials, combinations, and permutations are required.
5 5 10-Mar-17 10:09 Admin
This section addresses trigonometry: functions, formulas, relationships, identities, the unit circle, ...
13 28 27-May-21 09:15 Admin
This forum addresses calculus problems, like limits, derivatives, integrals, related rates, ...
7 14 28-May-21 12:20 Admin
Site News
This area will list news related to MATHguide. New lessons, sections, and services will be reviewed in here.
144 214 16-Jul-22 15:50 Admin
General Questions and Comments
Find information related to this free bulletin board service.
817 864 30-Jan-23 12:39 Admin

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