Balance The United States Budget
Updated June 18th, 2012  
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  The time to take action to make our representatives in office address the debt crisis is long overdue. If nothing is done to address deficit spending, ten years from now more than half of our debt will be interest payments. Let's get Congress to roll up its sleeves to fight this national crisis.
Uncle Sam can oneday be strong again. Information
The United States budget has had no fiscal responsibility under both political parties. The deficit must be abolished (via a balanced budget) and then a realistic plan to lower the debt must be put into place.

  • The U.S. National Debt and How It Got So Big
  • $4.8 trillion - Interest on U.S. debt
  • Any Way You Stack It, $14.3 Trillion Is A Mind-Bender

    Those elected officials who do not fervently work to abolish deficit spending and create a mechanism to lower the debt must not be re-elected to government.

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  •   Congress has been spending money beyond its means under both Democrat and Republican leadership. It is time to take away Congress' credit card. Demand that your representatives make balancing the budget and lowering the debt their number one objective. Use the Activism section (above, right) to contact your representatives in government. Click on the credit card to see a larger image.
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