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The Chicago Crimes Scenes Project

Lewiston Daily Sun

Meriden Daily Journal

Mobsters: Al Capone

My Al Capone Museum

The Youngstown Daily Vindicator

The Lawrence Daily Journal-World

The McSwiggin Assassination as a Typical Incident

The Chicago Tribune

The Schenectady Gazette

Louis Campagna

Joey Aiuppa

The Times-News

Eugene Register-Guard

Joseph Aiuppa

After Capone

Tony Accardo Case File

A Klas of Its Own

The Daily Union

The Miami News

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre's_Day_Massacre

The Milwaukee Journal

The Milwaukee Journal

Chicago Magazine

Restaurant-ing Through History

Gangland Chicago History

Valentine's Day Massacre: Random Photos of Killing

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,1886029&dq=giancana&hl=en

The Vindicator

Biography: Sam Giancana

Spartacus Educational: Sam Giancana

The Miami Daily News

Biography: Al Capone

The Miami Daily News

The Miami Daily News

FBI Famous Cases & Criminals: Al Capone

Homicides in Chicago, 1926: Capone vs. McSwiggin

Loyola University: Chicago's Past

Michael J. Corbit (2003)
  Double Deal: The Inside Story of Murder, Unbridled Corruption, and the Cop who was a Mobster, pages 194-197.

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