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Updated June 28th, 2024 


Clerics draw power from the devine.
A cleric is a spiritual warrior, who must be wise (create a cleric, name a cleric). They are able to use limited weapons and cast spells. Their spellcasting ability is gained through worshipping some avatar or Sesamar and Desamar directly (see the Gods of Sesamar).

Hierarchy within the clerics is this, from low to high:

InitiateLevels 0 - 2
PriestLevels 3 - 6
High PriestLevels 7+

Appointed Positions
Appointed positions are not necessarily based upon ability (levels) and they include 12 Macoat "truth," 7 Balthastar "king protector," and a single Saige "wisdom." Usually, people are chosen for appointed positions based upon special deeds that are performed or unique skills that are possessed. Yet, the position of Saigus has been given to a cleric who has obtained the rank of High Priest.

The appointed positions have been named after three noteworthy birds.


Adherers to Truth

King Protectors

Holder of Wisdom

Undead Detection
Clerics in this realm can detect undead up to a 60' distance, as often as desired, but only when the cleric is concentrating on determining the presence of undead and detecting it in the correct direction. Detection of undead is possible when the undead is carrying out some act (moving, draining life, casting a spell, ...) or is a very powerful undead creature. For example, an inactive skeleton may not be detected but a sleeping vampire would be detected.

Spells and Memorization
A cleric can cast a memorized spell once/day. After at least 6 hours of restful sleep and 2 hours in a relatively calm environment for meditation, a cleric's spells will return to memory. If a cleric chooses to reconfigure his/her spells, this will require time and the cleric's holy symbol. The time it will take to reconfigure these spells is wisdom dependent, explained as follows.

A cleric who wants to reconfigure his/her spells should make a list of all spells with their respective spell levels. The sum of the spell levels must be gained. Divide the sum by the cleric's wisdom and round up. This final number is the number of days it will take the cleric to make the exchange of spells to memory. If the process is interrupted, the DM will make a determination on the known spells the cleric gets memorized.

The final number of days will be adjusted according to this table.

serene environmentnone
intermittent low noise or minor noises+1 days
intermittent loud noises+2 days
constant loud noisespell adjustment prevented
more than 3 brief interruptions+1 day
2 or less lengthy interruption+2 days
3 or more lengthy interruptions+1 day for each such interruption
cleric's safety is in jeopardyhalts adjustment, DM intervention

A cleric who wants to use a new spell must devout time to learn it. Casting spells is no easy feat, considering it requires accurate articulation and/or exact gestures. Divide the spell level of the spell by 2, rounding up, to determine how many days it will take to learn a new spell. The cleric must have a quiet, safe space with no major interruptions in order to memorize the spell.

Clerics can specialize, which provides certain advantages and disadvantages. Clerics can choose to become a missionary or end being a missionary as they begin certain goals or accomplish them (or stop seeking to accomplish goals). To become a specialist or stop being a specialist, the cleric must: a) have the support of his or her religious order, and b) spend a minimum of three days in preparation. During the three days, the specialist must pray, reallocate spells, and engage in rituals. Specialist clerics act as if they are under a bless spell versus evil opponents. Each specialization is listed below.

Missionary: Non-Aggressive

Clerics who adopt this missionary status are in pursuit of assisting a community (to find drinking water, purify water/soil, heal the sick, ...). These specialists gain an additional spell per spell level they are able to cast, but the spells they can choose must be directly related to their mission or be a defensive spell meant to protect a community.

Missionary: Aggressive

Clerics who chose to become aggressive missionaries believe there is a high likelihood for physical confrontation. Yet, they seek to overcome some insidious threat (defeat a large contingient of hobgoblins, liberate Dreadwood of orcs, hunt a wizard who is flagrantly using transmutation magic, ...). These specialists can use one sharp weapon, like a sword and such, at no penalty. However, they cast one less spell per spell level. The spells they choose must correspond to the direct nature of their mission.

If an aggressive missionary chooses to memorize heal spells, those spells can only heal others if the missionary is at least at 80% his or her maximum health. While this would normally be a selfish act, it is not selfish because fulfilling the mission comes with vital importance to the religious order.

Locations of Interest for Clerics
Clerics of the realm can be found everywhere, but the central hubs for clerics are the areas near Kornas, Sesamar, and Nithnamar. Due to the misguided transmutations and other magics of old (see History), clerics are strongly compelled to be affiliated (to some capacity) with casters of Kornas or Nithnamar. It is a preventive way of protecting the realm from rogue casters who can cause great damage.

The philosophical center for beliefs are studied and debated in Nithnamar. Within this city stands Tower Kragnan. Clerics are encouraged to study there to gain a more foundational understanding of faith and finding their role within Sesamar.

Orisons are like cantrips (simple spells), but only for clerics. All clerics are able to utilize 2 orisons +1/per level. A cleric cannot sacrifice spell slots for orisons. Here is a list of orisons all clerics have access:

A single creature that has been startled or frightened is soothed. Victims suffering from magical fear may attempt a save vs. spell at -2 to calm themselves. Though the duration is one round, the fear will not come back. A new terror, however, may scare them again. After being calmed, one round later the creature will not worry.

For the duration of the orison, the priest's speech is clear and free of impediment (such as Tourette's Syndrome or stuttering, laryngitis, strained vocal chords, etc.), useful for reading out loud from sacred texts and other such rites. Magical conditions such as confuse languages cannot be overcome by this orison. The duration of this orison is one hour.

Detect Undead
The cleric will be able to detect if there is an undead presence. The area of effect is a circle that has a diameter of 1 mile per level of the caster. The caster will receive a direction and distance if an undead presence exists, but no details of the presence will be received. If there are multiple groups of undead, the cleric will gain the direction and distance of the largest undead presence (for each group of undead, the sum of their hit dice will be compared for this purpose).

Divine Light:
This orison will summon a small, holy sphere of light (yellow in appearance, like sunlight). The sphere is 3" in diameter and will well illuminate objects within a 5' radius. Viewers outside of this sphere will be able to notice the light, but it will provide no useful illumination for work outside the 5' radius. Within the sphere, one can work, read, etc. as well as they could in normal sunlight. This orison's effect will last as long as the priest maintains his concentration upon it, but no longer than one hour in any event. He/she may read or walk, talk or sing, etc., but may not engage in combat, cast spells, or do anything that requires similar concentration while maintaining this orison. This orison will not affect infravision or ultravision.

Divine Stature:
This orison will lend a holy aura to the priest or some suitable item (holy symbol, holy animal, holy site) for one round/level. During this time, all viewing the priest or item or area will feel the presence of the priest's deity and know what god inspired this feeling. The area may be no bigger than a sphere of 10' radius. Though no one coming into the area or seeing the item anew will be affected after the duration of one round/level, the psychological affect may linger on those who did see it for quite some time (perhaps days).