Sesamar Campaign
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Updated March 9th, 2024 

    The Tabletop Role-Playing (RPG, TTRPG) Realm of Sesamar is a tumultuous one. It has strong winds, shaky grounds, fiery volcanos, and rushing waters. This makes for hardy characters and deadly monsters. Nothing else could survive in these harsh lands.

    The realm exists to give game masters a setting to build adventures. Tedious details (like cities, towns, bar menus, maps, ...) are already established. It eases the game master's burden and it creates a cohesive setting for characters to enjoy their role-playing experiences.

    To learn more about this realm, use the following links.

Here is player character and NPC information.
These are things players should know.
To understand the present, one most know the past.
These are important places that everyone knows.
The layout of the realm is important to get around it.
These creatures are unique to the Realm of Sesamar.
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