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Updated June 28th, 2024 


Druids draw power from the elemental planes.

Druids are spiritual beings who have a close kinship with nature. They must be wise and possess considerable charisma (create a druid, name a druid). While they can use limited weapons, they cast nature magic and can transform themselves into other creatures as they enhance their skills. They derive their powers directly from Sesamar and Desamar.

Druid hierarchy is this:

Level 1Aspirant
Level 2Initiate of the 1st Circle
Level 3Initiate of the 2nd Circle
Level 4Initiate of the 3rd Circle
Level 5Initiate of the 4th Circle
Level 6Initiate of the 5th Circle
Level 7Initiate of the 6th Circle
Level 8Initiate of the 7th Circle
Level 9Initiate of the 8th Circle
Level 10Initiate of the 9th Circle
Level 11Druid
Level 12Archdruid
Level 13The Grand Druid

Druids are not bound by cities, towns, or castles, where most humans congregate. Druids are more comfortable existing outside densely populated areas and among forests (Great Forest), caves, mountains, deserts, lakes, and swamps.

Druids are formidable adversaries when they utilize nature. Their kinship with both flora and fauna is their strength. It is this tie to elemental forces and nature in general that especially empowers druids in this realm, due to the nature of the realm.

Druids are a balancing force within the realm and appear to be ruthless and vigilant while pursuing their goals. For this reason, druids are often shunned or at least not trusted: due to the inability of people to predict and control their actions.

Nevertheless, Nithnamar is the only city where druids are integral to what most would consider civilized living. It is there, within and about the Tower of Hybithnius, that druids work with magic-users and clerics to ascertain the nature of magic within the context of plants, herbs, animals, and the role of humans within the realm. Druids may have a variety of hypotheses concerning the White Water River, but they certainly are intrigued by it.

With this information in mind, it is difficult to play a druid even though druids can be extremely formidable.

Starting at the third level, druids in this realm can detect animals/plants up to a 30'/level distance (1/10 distance below ground), as often as desired, but only when the druid is concentrating on determining the presence of a specific animal or plant and detecting it in the correct direction.

A druid can cast a memorized spell once/day. After at least 6 hours of restful sleep and 2 hours in a relatively calm environment for meditation, a druid's spells will return to memory. If a druid chooses to reconfigure his/her spells, this will require time and the druid's nature symbol/object. The time it will take to reconfigure these spells is wisdom dependent, explained as follows.

A druid who wants to reconfigure his/her spells should make a list of all spells with their respective spell levels. The sum of the spell levels must be gained. Divide the sum by the druid's wisdom and round up. This final number is the number of days it will take the druid to make the exchange of spells to memory. If the process is interrupted, the DM will make a determination on the known spells the druid gets memorized.

The final number of days will be adjusted according to this table.

serene environmentnone
intermittent low noise or minor noises+1 days
intermittent loud noises+2 days
constant loud noisespell adjustment prevented
more than 3 brief interruptions+1 day
2 or less lengthy interruption+2 days
3 or more lengthy interruptions+1 day for each such interruption
druid's safety is in jeopardyhalts adjustment, DM intervention

A druid who wants to use a new spell must devout time to learn it. Casting spells is no easy feat, considering it requires accurate articulation and/or exact gestures. Divide the spell level of the spell by 2, rounding up, to determine how many days it will take to learn a new spell. The druid must have a quiet, safe space with no major interruptions in order to memorize the spell.

All druids are able to utilize 2 orisons +1/per level. A druid cannot sacrifice spell slots for orisons. Here is a list of orisons all druids have access:

Befriend Animal:
A druid who is either alone or with other druids is able to peacefully interact with an animal without incurring hostility from it. This will not allow a druid to capture or harm the creature, its offspring, or lair. It will also not summon a creature. The animal will perceive the druid as a non-threat and not harm the druid. This works only on creatures that have animal intelligence.

Climb Tree:
The recipient is able to climb a tree without falling. There has to be branches and handholds; so, this applies to normal trees. It also does not imbue the recipient with increased strength or any other characteristic. A healthy person with an average tree will be able to climb faster and will not fall, however.
Range: Touch

Detect Damage to Nature:
The druid will be able to detect if something in nature (large and organic like a tree, deer, garden, ...) is significantly harmed or destroyed. The area is a circle that is 1 mile in diameter per level of the caster. The druid will get a distance, direction, and mental image of the damage that has occurred within the last 3 hours. If there are multiple damages to report in the area, the most significant damage will be reported to the druid.

The recipient is able to find food in his/her environment. The recipient must wander the area, but can find enough food to sustain two people for a day. Food may be bugs, roots, plants, berries, nuts, fungus, ... The time and area it takes to forage depends on the environment, but it usually takes 1 to 2 hours and less than a square mile. More extreme conditions will require longer time and a greater area.
Range: Touch

Persist in Elements:
The recipient is able to contend with the effects of excessive (not extreme) conditions. This includes high/low temperature, high/low pressure, low oxygen, ... The recipient can exist (and be mobile at regular speed) but is not necessarily comfortable. This means no spells can be memorized and sleep is often interrupted. The duration is 1 hr/level of the caster.
Range: Touch

Purify Food & Drink:
Purifies 1 cu. ft/level of food or water. This will not remove magical properties of any food or liquid.
Range: 10 ft