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Updated June 28th, 2024 


Rangers are masters of all things outdoors.
A ranger is an outdoorsperson who can fight, track, and scout. They must be considerably strong, intelligent, and wise as well as possess a high constitution (create a ranger, name a ranger). For their extreme dedication to their crafts and sacrifices, they are granted abilities directly from Sesamar and Desamar or some avatar.

Ranger hierarchy is this:

ScoutLevels 1 - 3
GuideLevels 4 - 6
RangerLevels 7 - 10
Master RangerLevels 11+

Rangers, being they center most of their skills related to the outdoors, enjoy the company of druids for the skills druids possess. While rangers must have a good alignment, their views of the natural world are very different than druids.

Bolalius is the city that mainly trains rangers. While the craft of being a ranger can be taught anywhere, it is the city of Bolalius that is the central hub for all rangers. Kornas may be an ornate city, but Bolalius is earthy, practical, rugged, and home for all rangers. Some rangers who prefer solitude or a truly wild existence find themselves in the Great Forest.

All rangers who are trained in the Western Lands can cast this orison starting at the 4th level:

Befriend Animal:
A ranger who is either alone or with other druids is able to peacefully interact with an animal without incurring hostility from it. This will not allow a ranger to capture or harm the creature, its offspring, or lair. It will also not summon a creature. The animal will perceive the ranger as a non-threat and not harm the ranger. This works only on creatures that have animal intelligence.

Once rangers are able to cast spells, they can start casting additional orisons, one orison per level of the ranger.