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Updated June 22nd, 2024 


Socioeconomics:Working Class and Small Number Affluent
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
Maps:Surrounding City

Evandelith, Eastern Lands, Google Gemini

Evandelith is a coastal city that is protected from the west by cliffs and rests atop defensible hills. It rests within the Gulf or Oros, north of the Ruins of Hune and west of Brightwood, which it protects from Orcs. The Evendels are very helpful to humans and dwarves in their struggle against evil in the realm. Yet, non-elves can never assimilate in their society, which is well-known and respected in the land.

It does trade with humans from Xon and Kornas. It will not receive ships from Poxmuth and Joria, due to the reputations those cities have.

It is a magnificently ornate city. Its magnificent domes, detailed archways, beautiful tapestries, and delicate ceramics make the defensive walls less militaristic and more artistic. It is a marvel for humans to behold and is always met with mouth agape and looks of awe.

Nestled within the emerald caress of an ancient forest, lies Evandelith, city of the woodland elves. Unlike any human city, Evandelith isn't built upon nature, it's built with it. Thick, twisted vines embrace the walls and roofs of its structures. Bioluminescent fungi offer a warm glow along meandering paths. The entire city is alive with colorful birds, gleaming insects, blooming flowers, and subtle magic.

The library here is accessible only to those with elven blood. The city allows many types of travelers within its shops and inns, but non-elves are not allowed to live here. It is a timeless rule that is well-known and always has been respected by non-elves. This is because most non-adventuring elves are usually shy creatures.

The green (woodland) elves of Evandelith have piercing eyes: light green or light blue. They have black hair and fair skin. They live for hundreds of years.

Evandelith is known for its well-crafted chainmail, tapestries, painted ceramics, and embroidery. It also is known for invigorating beverages, light but strong rope, travel shortbread, and all things done with great detail. Through Evandelith, one can gain access to Loralanthalithian works.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: The Forest (T), Lavendarus (I), and Faeries (T).