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Updated June 24th, 2024 


Ruling Body:Various Druidic Clans
Maps:Surrounding Forest
Rumors:See below

Great Forest, Western Lands, neural love, cc0
The Great Forest, Western Lands

The Great Forest is immense. It is home to many animals, like black bear, grizzly bear, white deer, wolf, fox, birds, racoon, beaver, ... It contains several species of trees. There are sought after flowers, fungi, molds. plants, herbs, and spices that readily grow here.

It is said that the forest is magical and contains magical creatures. There are several groves of druids, too. These druids have been known to operate and enforce their own nature-centered rules. This is the main reason why travelers stick to well-traveled roads, as druids tend to meander deep within The Great Forest. Never mess around with druids when they are on their home turf.

The good news is, druids usually leave hints of their presence. Wood carvings, stone henges, or sacrificial alters are signs druids are nearby.

Here are a list of the unique plants, animals, and fungi that are known to exist in The Great Forest.

The Great Forest stretches like a verdant tapestry, a place where sunlight struggles to pierce the dense canopy overhead. Ancient oaks, their branches gnarled with the weight of centuries, weave a labyrinthine ceiling, dappling the forest floor in emerald and gold. Here, the line between the natural and supernatural blurs.

Rumors whisper of druids who commune with ancient spirits, their voices carried on the rustling leaves. Elusive nymphs flit between sunbeams, their laughter echoing on the breeze. Playful brownies, guardians of the forest's secrets, weave through the undergrowth, leaving behind circles of wildflowers as their only trace.

The forest itself is a living entity, teeming with both breathtaking beauty and untamed wildness. Vibrant flora bursts forth in a riot of color, while bioluminescent fungi paint the night with an otherworldly glow. Yet, beneath the enchanting facade lies a primal power. The whispers speak of creatures both curious and capricious, their moods as changeable as the wind. What may greet you with playful curiosity one moment could turn to ferocious defense in the next.


  • Soul Trees: There are several types of sentient trees that are capable of movement. Cottonwoods and Elms in the south, Maples in the west, Oaks in the east, and Spruces in the north. These intelligent trees are forest guardians who vigorously protect all types of flora and fauna.


  • Linglings: Different than lings, linglings are roughly half the height of lings (who are themselves half the height of humans) and extremely shy by nature. They are thought to be able to cast nature magic and they like to remain unseen. They allegedly reside in several treetop communities across The Great Forest, but their specific whereabouts are unknown except by extremely good creatures who earn their trust.
  • Sentient Swans: It is said there are intelligent swans who live in the west of The Great Forest. People have been known to seek out these swans for guidance. Some return saying they were able to communicate with these swan without moving their lips.


  • Greenswoon: This mushroom blends in during the brightness of daylight, looking like a small green leaf. When the light fades, the greenswoon glows green. While edible and slightly nutritious, it has a bitter taste.
  • Waveshroom: They are edible mushrooms that grow in clusters usually measuring 4 feet in diameter. At a distance, waveshroom appear as waving hands. They sometimes snap their "fingers." They are edible raw and have a likeable, meaty taste.


  • There are bands of roving wolves that reside in The Great Forest. They can change their shape from human to wolf and back again. They use this ability to gain the trust of travelers for the purpose of eating them.
  • Lake Mystic is a large body of water that resides to the west in the Great Forest. It is said several nymphs live near its still waters. To find this lake, one need only follow the northern river that flows to Vilmer.
  • A vast underground root system connects trees together. Trees are able to communicate with each other across long distance in the Great Forest.
  • In the village of Liton, south of the center of the Great Forest, a bare-footed lady occassionally visits. Her hair, sometimes bright green and other times dark, fiery red, or blonde.
  • Deep in the Great Forest, a vicious clan of druids practices human sacrifices. Its mission is to call upon dark forces for its selfish purposes.