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Updated June 23rd, 2024 


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Harrow, Eastern Lands

Lings are tenacious little creatures and they enjoy a simple, but busy life. Their activities usually include woodworking, farming, fishing, singing, dancing, and drinking, just like the halflings of Mayland.

They lead cloistered lives of few life/death situations because their meadows are positioned within the protective arms of Tolan, Quelilesteron, and Loralanthalith.

Harrow is a collection of villages that exist within meadows and prairies.

The Lings of Harrow carve out their lives amidst the breathtaking vistas of rolling hills, picturesque meadows, vibrant wildflower prairies, and a wonderful view of Brightwood. These cheerful folk, barely reaching half the height of a human, possess a deep connection to the land. While their woodcraft is respectable, it's their mastery of agriculture and animal husbandry that truly sets them apart. Generations of honing these skills have resulted in bountiful harvests and thriving livestock, a confirmation of their enduring connection to the earth.

Life in Harrow is a dramatic performance. The Lings here are a merry bunch, renowned for their passion for theatrics and joke-telling. From elaborate humorous plays performed under the open sky to playful retellings of everyday events, their zest for life is infectious. They share a passion for fragrant pipe tobacco and hearty meals, perhaps a bit too hearty at times! Despite their love of leisure, the Lings are a peaceful people. They co-exist harmoniously with their shorter kin, the Lings of Mayland, and enjoy good relations with both the neighboring mountain dwarves, who share a respect for hard work, and the gnomes, whose love of merriment mirrors their own.

Harrowfellows measure to about 4 feet tall, slightly taller than their Maylander peers.