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Updated June 22nd, 2024 


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The aloof high elves of Loralanthalith dwell in a secluded city nestled amidst the mountain peaks.

These near-mythical beings, easily identified by their silver or golden hair and eyes that shimmer amber, violet, or ivory, possess lifespans stretching to two millennia. While they maintain a distance from humans and most non-elven races, a flicker of empathy burns within them.

Unlike their kin in Evandelith, the Loranthalans show little concern for the troubles of humankind. Their focus lies on protecting the delicate balance of the natural world. Lings, gnomes, and the vibrant forest of Brightwood find stalwart guardians in these elves.

Loralanthalith, Eastern Lands
Trade with outsiders is a rarity for the high elves, with only the occasional exchange with Evandelith. However, creatures of magic -- pixies, sprites, and others whispered about in folklore -- find the elves open to barter. The city itself holds wonders -- libraries brimming with spellbooks and scrolls, workshops where magic items take shape, and quarries that yield exquisite white marble, a treasure coveted throughout the land. Loralanthalith also boasts skilled artisans who produce beautiful blown glass, musical chimes, shimmering silks, and even magical parchments.

High atop a series of wind-swept peaks, nestled amongst the swirling mists, lies Loralanthalith, the ageless city of the high elves. The Loranthaliths (sometimes called Loralans), known for their aloof demeanor and unnaturally long lifespans, are as much a part of the mountain itself as the ancient stone. While they prefer the tranquility of their celestial abode, a potent fire burns within them -- a passion for the defense of the lands below.

These elves are not merely scholars and stargazers. Loralanthalith resonates with a subtle martial energy. Their skill in battle is legendary, honed over millennia of vigilant defense. When orcs and hobgoblins surge forth from the south, it is the Loralans who stand as an unwavering bulwark. But their methods are as subtle as their city -- swift, surgical strikes that cripple enemy forces before they can even dream of breaching the human settlements.

Their knowledge of the mountains runs deep. Secret trails, invisible to mortal eyes, weave through the treacherous peaks, granting them unmatched mobility. Using these hidden pathways, the Loranthalans have struck deep into the Eastern Lands, nearly decimating ogre forces that often serve as the brutal shock troops of orcish and hobgoblin armies. This strategic brilliance has crippled the offensive capabilities of these barbarous forces, ensuring a fragile peace for the human towns of Poxmuth and Vullaria.

Intrigued by the white elves? Your best bet lies in befriending a green elf from Evandelith. These more social kin might hold the key to understanding the enigmatic high elves of Loralanthalith.