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Updated June 23rd, 2024 


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Mayland, Eastern Lands

Lings are tenacious little creatures and they enjoy a simple, but busy life. Their activities usually include woodworking, farming, fishing, singing, dancing, and drinking, just like the lings of Harrow.

They lead cloistered lives of few life/death situations because their meadows are positioned within the protective arms of Tolan, Quelilesteron, and Loralanthalith.

Mayland is a collection of small villages that exist within the hillsides.

Maylanders rise to about 3.5 feet tall, shorter than their Harrowfellow peers.

Nestled amidst the embrace of Mayland's rolling hills live the Lings, a cheerful folk barely half the height of a human. Unlike most races who build upon the earth, the Lings burrow into it, carving their homes directly into the verdant hillsides. Their dwellings are marvels of woodcraft, a testament to their ingenuity. Using special water-resistant woods, the Lings meticulously craft walls, floors, ceilings, and doors, creating a network of cozy burrows that blend seamlessly into the landscape.

The Lings themselves are a jovial bunch, known for their love of lively conversation, fragrant pipe tobacco, and hearty meals -- perhaps a little too hearty at times! Despite their love of leisure, the Lings are a peaceful people. They co-exist harmoniously with their taller kin, the Lings of Harrow, and enjoy good relations with both the neighboring mountain dwarves, who share a respect for craftsmanship, and the gnomes, whose playful nature mirrors their own.