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Socioeconomics:Working Class and Small Number Affluent
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
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Carved deep within the heart of the Stocky Mountains lies Tolan, a testament to the enduring spirit of the mountain dwarves. These reclusive folk have built their homes not merely within, but as one with, the mountain itself. South of the fetid stench of Bulgous , the bugbear city, and southwest of the ever-present threat of the Goblin Lands, Tolan stands as a bastion of dwarven fortitude.

Mountain dwarves are a breed apart. Compelled by a deep ancestral urge, they hoard not just glittering treasures like gold and copper ore, but also the very stones they carve their homes from -- red and black granite, vibrant green and yellow quartzite, and the ever-important coal that fuels their forges. Their obsession with accumulating these resources might seem excessive to outsiders, but for a mountain dwarf, it's a matter of legacy. Each glittering gem and block of granite represents not just wealth, but generations of toil and a testament to their enduring connection to the earth.

Deep within the heart of the earth lies Tolan, a city carved from the living rock by the indomitable dwarves. Here, amidst the echoing caverns and veins of precious ore, a love for three things burns bright: battle, brew, and treasure.

Dwarves are a martial race, their veins pumping with the thrill of a good fight (and always a big pint of ale). They hold a special kind of loathing for goblins and kobolds -- a predictable animosity for thieving creatures. But bugbears? Bugbears are an abomination, a grotesque mockery of life that fills every dwarf with a righteous fury. Their fetid stench, their repugnant looks, and their inherent evil are a constant affront to the dwarven sense of order and beauty.

There's a kernel of truth to the nickname "mountain misers." Dwarves possess a deep love for the treasures they mine from the earth -- glittering gems, veins of gold, and the raw materials that fuel their legendary forges. Their love for wealth can sometimes border on the excessive, but it's more than mere greed. For a dwarf, accumulating a hoard is a sign of success, a testament to their hard work and a legacy to leave behind. Ultimately, dwarven wealth often finds its way back into the community, funding grand constructions, legendary feasts, and well-equipped armies to defend against those who covet their riches.

While dwarves are natural miners, their subterranean pursuits sometimes lead to unintended consequences. Tunnels dug by mountain dwarves, goblins, and even kobolds have been known to intersect, sparking territorial disputes that erupt into violent clashes. These accidental encounters have ignited a long and bloody history of war between these subterranean races, a conflict that continues to simmer beneath the surface.

Beyond their legendary mining prowess, Tolan is renowned for its hearty brews, capable of warming even the coldest soul. The dwarves here are a serious people, their faces etched with the lines of hard work and unwavering determination. Their hair, a stark white against the dark mountain stone, speaks of their age and wisdom.

Learning more about Tolan and its inhabitants is no easy feat. These dwarves are a tight-lipped people, more comfortable wielding a pickaxe than sharing secrets, but they do interact with Quelilesteron. Your best bet lies with either a hill dwarf, known for their slightly more sociable nature, or perhaps a human from the nearby town of Xon who has befriended a talkative hill dwarf. Sometimes they trade with Mayland and Harrow, but rarely with Loralanthalith.