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Updated June 21st, 2024 


The White Cliffs rise from the Sea of Fate like a titan's weathered brow, stretching westward in an unbroken line that seems to defy nature. Their pale facade, a stark contrast to the emerald embrace of the surrounding forests, extends for miles, finally meeting its dramatic end just before the White Water River. Here, the Wall of Castillon rises, a defiant counterpoint, blocking any easy passage between the cliffs and the river.

These cliffs are a formidable obstacle. Their sheer height is enough to make even the most seasoned climber pause. Over 100 feet at their peak, they dwindle to a still imposing 70 feet at their lowest points. But it's not just the height that discourages ascent. The very rock itself conspires against intruders. The seemingly smooth surface is treacherous, slick with a constant sheen of moisture. Morning dew clings tenaciously, turning the handholds into a gambler's proposition. Worse still, the rock itself is porous, eagerly absorbing any moisture that finds purchase. A firm grip can become a disastrous attempt as the very rock beneath a climber's fingers crumbles away.

White Cliffs, Western Lands, Google Gemini
White Cliffs, Western Lands

This natural barrier prevents Rastilian lizardmen from being able to rush upward to overwhelm residents of Astor to the north.

Set within the White Cliffs is the Church of Astolgondas. It is positioned facing south. In fact, it was built with tribute to the sun. Its walls are covered with sun god motifs from several pantheons. Visitors will see statues, mosaics, and tapestries that honor Ra, Sol, and Helios in a non-hierarchical fashion.

While the church foundation is firmly fastened to a ledge, corridors are carved within the cliff's face. So, the entire church is a mixture of placed stones, wood frames, and stone tunnels.

Astolgondas, White Cliffs, Western Lands
Astolgondas, White Cliffs
As part of the training for male clerics, they must spend a period of time here. There are private rooms within the confines of the cliff, which makes it an excellent location to gain privacy and space for introspection. To prevent further distraction, all of the leadership and service personnel are male. This cite is heavily protected by male paladins from Kornas.

The church remains cloistered to clerics who receive permission to attend from Kornas' clerical leadership. However, this church opens itself to the public once per year: from December 13th to January 1st (New Year's Day). December 25th is New Year's Eve, according to the Sesamaran Calendar.

During these eight days, visitors are allowed to stay for free at the top of the cliff in a specially designed large cabin. They are fed modest meals (hearty soups, chicken, and pork) and can celebrate with a variety of specially prepared rituals. These are the Rituals of Astolgondas.

RitualDescriptionExpected Donation
Midnight MassWeather permitting, an outdoor mass is held. A donation grants the participant a lantern during mass.1s
Candle LightingThis involves lighting a candle and saying a prayer.1c
The PlungeA participant is dunked in an outdoor tub of heated water.1s
PiningDuring a three-hour long mass, participants sing, pray, and wave pine branches.3s
Semi-Private PrayerThis is a small group prayer meeting.2s