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Updated June 21st, 2024 


Socioeconomics:Working Class and Small Number Affluent
Ruling Body:Yet to Be Determined
Maps:Surrounding City
Rumors:See below

Female Dwarf Blacksmith, neural love, cc0
Xon, Eastern Lands

Xon is home to hill dwarves and humans at the western edge of the Stocky Mountains. The buildings there are, of course, above ground, but made from a combination of woods and stones. They were built to last.

While the two races socially intermingle very well, there are two different social systems. The humans have a ruling lord, while the dwarves have a respected elder. They typically live in different zones, but it is a result of choice, not forced segregation. There is mutual respect in Xon.

The hill dwarves, like all dwarves, are well-known for their love of alcohol and ability to consume vast quantities of it.

A watchful eye greets all visitors to Xon. Dwarf sentinels, their expressions stoic beneath their iron helms, scrutinize each arrival from atop the city's imposing stone gates.

Beyond the gates, Xon unfolds in a vibrant tapestry of human ingenuity and dwarven grit. Buildings here are a testament to the unlikely partnership between the two races. Timber-framed human structures stand shoulder-to-shoulder with squat, sturdy dwarven strongholds built from the very earth itself. The city hums with a unique energy – the quiet hum of human conversation intermingles with the rhythmic clang of dwarven hammers on anvils.

The dwarves of Xon are a force of nature. Their booming voices and constant movement fill the city -- the clatter of chisels shaping stone, the hiss and spark of forges as molten metal is shaped into weapons and tools, the rhythmic gurgle of beer flowing freely from vats. These dwarves are not simply laborers; they are artists of their craft, their every action imbued with a passion that borders on the sacred.

Humanity thrives alongside their dwarven counterparts. Commerce flourishes in bustling marketplaces, where dwarven craftsmanship fetches a premium and human ingenuity finds a ready customer base. Friendship blossoms in taverns thick with the smell of hops and camaraderie, where humans and dwarves share tales over tankards of dwarven ale.

Everything in Xon speaks of a city built to last. From the sturdy construction of its buildings to the enduring bonds between its inhabitants, Xon embodies the strength of cooperation and the enduring spirit of industry.

The hill dwarves do trade with the gnomes (Quelilesteron), lings (Mayland, Harrow), high elves (Evendelith), and mountain dwarves (Tolan). Humans trade with the same races, but not the mountain dwarves. The mountain dwarves do not trust the humans. The hill dwarves are very protective of the halflings and will not allow humans to swindle them.

Xon is known for ore (silver, gold, rock salt), coal, precious metals, dolomite, sandstone (tan), limestone (grey), flint, alcohol, and skirmishes with kobalds, bugbears, and goblins. Hill dwarf hair can be red, black, grey, or brown.

Notable Taverns/Bars/Inns: Watch Your Head (I), Tanks of Ale (B), Longbeard's Tavern (T), Mine Your Own Business (B), Boulders of Booze (B), Get Pickled (T), Short and Stout (B), and Drink to Dead Kobalds! (T).


  • Trades with gnomes have procured strange gizmos: animated toys and flying birds.
  • Gnomes have been seen working with humans and dwarves.
  • Kobalds will amass numbers so great, they will overwhelm Xon and Tolan.
  • There are dwarves who make a brew that requires special plants that come from the marshes south of Dreadwood. They get their plants as a result of nefarious trades via Caliptokos.