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Updated June 20th, 2024 

    The calendar is related to observations made by Sesamarans.

Calendar of the Realm

Sesamar is a unique realm with interesting characteristics and the Sesamarans are very perceptive. The realm has shaped how the Sesamarans have quantified time. Here are the sections within this topic.

  • Counting
  • Hours
  • Minutes and Seconds
  • Days

Sesamaran handcounting goes up to 12 on one hand!
All Sesamarans count by starting with their left hand. Each of the three bones of each finger represent a number and the thumb is a pointer. Starting with the index finger, they count 1, 2, and 3. The middle finger extends to 4, 5, and 6. The ring finger gives them 7, 8, and 9. Finally, the smallest finger allows them to count 10, 11, and 12.

Their day has been broken down into 24 hours for two reasons: a) the Sesamaran counting method and b) activity found with the sun.

As explained in the previous section, Sesamarans count to twelve extremely well. It is extremely easy to count to twelve using a single hand, which frees the right hand for doing activities.

The sun of Sesamar is quite peculiar. It never moves in the sky. However, it changes in intensity. At midnight (called moon) it is most dim. Twelve hours later (called noon) it is most bright. Throughout the day, it changes in intensity getting brighter and brighter. Perfectly on the hour, it slightly pulses. After noon, the sun diminishes in intensity until it reaches a dull glow. [To honor the sun, Sesamarans built The Church of Astolgondas, which resides in the White Cliffs.]

Consequently, Sesamarans have a mystical view of the number twelve. It is present in all good and important things. Whether coincidental or not, Sesamarans give honor to the number twelve. To honor it is to honor the Twin Gods, Sesamar and Desamar.



Minutes and Seconds
Elven sandclocks are extremely
accurate and expensive.
Using two hands, Sesamarans can easily count to sixty. Completing one cycle of 1 through 12 on the left hand is matched with the first finger on the right hand. A second cycle of 1 - 12 on the left is marked with the second finger on the right or 24. A third cycle is matched with the third finger, which is 36. A fourth cycle is 48 on the fourth finger of the right hand. Finally, completing another cycle on the left hand is matched with 60 using the smallest finger on the right hand.

Therefore, each hour has been divided into 60 seconds. Each minute has been divided into 60 seconds. So, how do Sesamarans measure these fractions of an hour with accuracy? They use sandclocks. These clocks have different measures of times, depending on their size. Common sandclocks are an hour, but others measure ten minutes, a minute, or other units of time. The best sandclocks can be purchased from the elves. It is assumed that the elves have worked closely with gnomes to perfect their sandclocks.

The Sesamaran year is exactly 300 days. As a result of this number, their calendar has twelve months and each month has 25 days. Each week has 5 days. Five is another mystical number for Sesamarans because there are 5 fingers on each hand.

The names of their five days are Sunday, Magicday, Consorday, Favorday, and Sunight.

Here is the Sesamaran Calendar.


The number twelve can be found in many things.

There are 12 ribs per side in humanoids.
There are 12 bits in a foot. Each bit is the width of a silver piece (quarter).
The weight of 12 silver pieces is called a thrill.
There are 12 meridians of the body for humanoids.

12 is a composite number that is divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6.