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Updated June 18th, 2023 

    This information is strictly related to the coins of Sesamar.

Coins of the Realm

The standard coin of the realm for commoners is the silver piece. Most people use silver for purchases and often receive copper pieces as change. More affluent people exchange gold coin for services and items. Platinum and electrum coins are relics from ancient kingdoms and are no longer minted.

Electrum pieces fluctuate wildly in conversions, which is why it is not listed within the table below. Exchange rates swing as low as 1 g = 5 e to as high as 1 g = 2 e because the gold-silver alloy can be mixed to different ratios. Electrum is shiny and generally appears yellowish-green.

CoinConversionPurchase Power
Platinum10 g = 1 pThis coin is not typically used in transactions.
Gold10 s = 1 g
100 c = 1 g
10 g = 1 p
1 g = artisan labor for a day, 2+ g = skilled artisan labor for a day, 10 g = short sword, 15 g = long sword, 75 g = chainmail
Silverstandard coin
10 c = 1 s
1 s = 1/10 g
1 s = unskilled laborer's half-day of pay, good meal/drink, lamp of oil, a night's stay at a modest inn. 5 s = tasty, filling, and nutritional meal or very fine drink
Copper1 s = 10 c
1 c = 1/10 s
1 c = candle, 2 c = torch, 3 c = satisfactory drink, 5 c = basic meal, 10 c = good meal

As a parallel to our money system, think of a copper piece like a penny, a silver piece like a dime, and a gold piece like a dollar. In this way, a platinum piece would be a ten-dollar bill.

Here is a sample of how coins of the realm may appear.

Platinum Piece
Gold Piece
Electrum Piece
Silver Piece
Copper Piece