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Updated January 27th, 2024 

    This information is strictly related to the gods of Sesamar.

Gods of the Realm

Scholars go back several millennia, but as far as common knowledge goes there was first The Twin Gods, Desamar and Sesamar. The Twin Gods created creatures of the forest: brownies to elves to unicorns and all those in between. It was a state of bliss, until elves eventually pondered their existence.

The elves worshipped a god in their own image -- an elf god.

Upon venturing from their forests, elves encountered the other demi-humans: gnomes, dwarves, lings. They worshipped gods in their images, too.

While there may be debate between these creatures as to which was created first by The Twin Gods, there is agreement that humans were not the first sentient creatures to exist in the realm of Sesamar. Humans did not come into existence until the third age (Age of Mirgris), many millennia later.

Nevertheless, humans, too, worshipped gods in their image. Inhabitants of the islands north in the Sea of Fate and the non-barbarians in the Western Lands worshipped Zeus' pantheon. Barbarians prayed to Odin's clan. The humans in the Eastern Lands sought guidance from Ra's group.

By the fourth age (Age of Neltinus), humans and demi-humans faced wave after wave of threats from a variety of assailants. Ancient enemies heightened their attacks. Also, new sinister transmutations entered the realm. This all threatened the existence of humans and demi-humans alike.

The realization was clear and simple. If humans and demi-humans were to escape extinction against these threats, they would have to band together as a single force. To do so, this alliance discarded every barrier that separated human from elf from dwarf from gnome from ling. The alliance searched for a stronger foundation to bind itself into a single force. It returned to The Twin Gods, Sesamar and Desamar, that created the realm.

Twin Gods, Sesamar and Desamar, neural love, cc0

Sesamar is the material and Desamar the energy of life. Where there is one, there is the other. As the druids reflect, it is the dance between the two that makes the one.

By the end of the fourth age (Age of Neltinus), most humanoids outright worshipped Sesamar and Desamar.

When the horror of the dragons appeared in the fifth age (Age of Salamundi), the old gods were nearly all summarily discarded in favor of The Twin Gods. It is believed that direct worship and consequent divine guidance from The Twin Gods was ultimately what brought peace in the lands by the end of the fifth age. It was the impetus of The Twin Gods that defeated the dragons.

While remnants of the old gods certainly do exist within the realm, The Twin Gods Sesamar and Desamar are now the standard. Anyone who worships an old god is looked upon as either unenlightened, a harmless heretic, or a harmful heretic, depending on where one is within the realm. People from rural areas lean toward viewing such worshipers of old as harmful heretics. So, worshipping the old gods in some rural areas can excite the locals.

Let it be known that Sesamar is also the name of a port town east of Kornas. The vitality of the Western Lands so depends upon this port, locals adopted the name Sesamar for the town in homage to the god. The inhabitants of the Town of Sesamar are mostly subdued, introspective, and very kind to locals and travelers alike.

As a note to the reader, twin gods, twins, pairs, and brother and sister combinations are extremely common across our own world. There is Osiris and Isis, Apollo and Artemis, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, sun and moon, ... Let us not forget Cain and Abel, which resembles the conflict between the Joker and Batman. Einstein's positions require the existence of mass and energy. Computer engineers use zeros and ones, too, to create machines that engage in magnificent calculations for a variety of useful tasks.